DNP Dosing Guide

The Ultimate Guide to DNP 200mg Capsules by

Embarking on a DNP cycle? It’s crucial to understand the role of weight in dosage and why precise, pure capsules matter. At, we offer 200mg DNP capsules that are third-party lab tested, ensuring each dose you take is exactly what it should be.

Why Exact Dosing Matters

When it comes to DNP, accuracy is paramount. Each 200mg capsule from is crafted with precision, devoid of fillers that other vendors might use. In the world of supplements, knowing what you’re putting into your body is vital, and we guarantee a pure, unadulterated product. This precision ensures that you can calculate your dosage based on your weight with confidence, without worrying about unknown substances or variable potency.

Weight and DNP Dosage: A Simple Explanation

Think of your body as a container for the DNP. The amount of DNP in your system, relative to your body weight, determines its concentration—just like a drop of dye in water. A smaller body requires less to achieve the same effect as a larger body. This is why we at offer 200mg capsules, allowing for dosage control tailored to your unique body weight.

Calculating Your Dosage with 200mg Capsules

To calculate your dosage, convert your weight from pounds to kilograms (1 pound = 0.453592 kilograms), then adjust your DNP intake accordingly. For example, if you weigh 170 pounds, you would convert your weight to kilograms and then determine how many capsules you need:

170 lb×0.453592 kg/lb=77.11 kg.

With our 200mg capsules, your dosage would be:


How to Take Your DNP

For those under 150 pounds, we suggest starting with a half capsule daily. Over 150 pounds? One capsule daily is a solid starting point. After five days, providing there are no adverse effects, you can adjust your dosage. However, never exceed the safe dosage for your body weight.

Understanding the Dosage Chart

As we explain the importance of dosage, take a look at our chart, which compares the average blood concentration of DNP in the bloodstream over time when doses are split versus taken all at once:

Visual Chart DNP

This chart demonstrates that splitting your doses can lead to more stable blood concentration levels, with less fluctuation and a more consistent delivery of DNP to your system. This can potentially lead to fewer side effects and a more controlled experience.

Why Capsules Stand Out

Only offers 200mg DNP capsules that are rigorously lab tested for purity and safety. Unlike other vendors, who may sell products with unknown fillers and inconsistent dosing, our capsules are guaranteed for their precision. This means you can trust the quality and consistency of what you’re consuming.

Safety First

Always start with the lowest dose to see how your body responds. DNP is powerful, and safety should be your top priority.

Choose for DNP capsules that are exactly and perfectly dosed—because when it comes to your health and goals, precision is non-negotiable.


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